Eversafe Security Solutions is a dynamic physical security company. Our primary objective is to provide the best security available on the market to our clients. With a talented team, experienced in design, investigations, intelligence, bomb threat and blast mitigation, customer service, and installation, Eversafe strives to help defend against threats great and small. Eversafe has developed a portfolio of unique physical security products to address a wide variety of threats.

Core Competencies

  • Security Glass Laminate
  • Security Screens
  • BallisticBoard Panels
  • RBtec Security Systems
  • Shot Stop Ballistic Body Armor
  • Threat Assessments
  • Security Consulting
  • Security System Design/Planning


We are solutions driven and not product driven. Our products are designed to stop crime before it starts. We perform threat assessments before making recommendations and then install the necessary security products. Our process provides all points of security with company employees performing all services.

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